A Houston Personal Injury Attorney

October 7, 2016 no comments Posted in Personal Injury

Are you suffering from a recently sustained injury and thinking about consulting with a lawyer? You probably have a ton of questions about where to start when contacting an attorney, like:

When to seek one?

If you have been injured, you will want to seek an attorney after you have sought medical attention. An injury can result from many different activities at home, in public, or at work and it is difficult for a non-attorney to determine whether a personal injury claim may exist below the service. John K. Zaid & Associates will tell you right away whether you will have to shoulder all the costs sustained from your injury or if there exists other viable sources of compensation.

What should I ask?

When consulting a personal injury lawyer, you’ll want to know whether you have a viable claim or not. Explain the conditions surrounding your injury, paying close attention to the parties involved, and ask whether someone may be found responsible. If they find that your claim has merit, ask what next steps you should take or helpful materials you should provide. You will also want to get a sense of how long it might take to reach the next step and what the attorney’s services will cost.

How much will it cost?

The price for legal fees usually varies, depending on the lawyer. Some charge by the hour, or require a retainer fee upfront that they draw from as they work the case. In personal injury cases, many claimants find that a Houston Injury Attorney will not charge any fees up front. This means that they have taken the case on a contingency basis and will collect a percentage of the award or settlement to cover the cost of the work they did on the case. This can reassure clients that the lawyer will do everything possible to get the claim awarded, since it is the only way the lawyer will get paid legal fees.

Traffic Accidents on the Rise in America’s Major Cities

October 6, 2016 no comments Posted in Accidents

Houston, like most large urban centers, boasts many large highways surrounding downtown. Theses interstates, highways and roadways all converge on the city’s center, making for a bustling corporate social hub. Texans know that this creates nothing short of a traffic nightmare during peak times and rush hour. An increase in traffic, however, is not the only downside to the operation of so many automobiles. In fact, traffic accidents occur most frequently on Houston’s state and farm to market highways. Anywhere from fender benders to multiple car pile ups, these collisions can be downright deadly.

Though the state requires drivers to have automobile insurance, many still remained uninsured; reaching as much as 25% in some counties. Those motorists that do have insurance may also face restrictive policies, which neglect to cover many eventualities. As a result, unlucky Houston drivers may find themselves baldy injured in an automobile accident, with few options for how to get through it.

The aftermath of a bad accident can consist of unpaid medical bills, unpaid time off from work, job loss, more permanent injury, or even an avoidable death. Many residents of Houston may not know their rights in these situations. Finding the right attorney at ZaidLaw.com can save an accident victim from devastating hardship resulting from their accident.

More Texans are getting injured in car crashes as urban areas develop and car traffic increases. Today, a person is injured every two minutes and eight second in Texas; more frequently than two years ago. The need for qualified personal injury lawyers in the Houston metropolitan areas has never been clearer. Houston PI attorneys play an important role in making sure many of these injured people do not go without information about their rights and resources available to them. The experienced personal injury lawyers at ZaidLaw.com for example, regularly encounter accident victims that had no idea they were entitled to redress for their injuries.